If we 'see' it, we're more able to 'do' it.
The numbers can be debated, but generally we learn 85% through sight, 10% by hearing, 3% from smell, 1% by touch, and 1% through taste.

Confucius (551 - 479 BC) was right:
   If you tell me I may listen.
   If you show me I may understand.
   If you involve me I will learn.

... or, from a more regular guy:
   "We learn through the eye, not the 'noggin."
                                             Will Rogers

Visual learning is:

  • Clarity. New concepts are more thoroughly and easily understood.
  • Integration. You can immediately do what you've learned.
  • Reinforcement. DVD technology lets you watch each skill as many times as you want. Short video clips let you review each topic quickly, reinforcing each new skill.
Visual learning engages both hemispheres of the brain (left: logic; right: intuitive) and unlocks your imagination. wants to help you say: I can do that!

So, enjoy learning. And doing!