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Eyelearner.com is a division of Engage Communications Inc. We've been producing film & video for television, corporations, governments, non-profits and museums around the world for 25 years.

We are journalists, writers, musicians, producers and story-tellers. As a matter of fact, Engage's logo is an Inuit soapstone carving called "The Storyteller".

Eyelearner.com uses our journalism and storytelling techniques to create effective DIY DVDs with children's exercise videos, kids fitness videos, camping videos, survival skills, home reno and improvment and more.

Eyelearner.com's mission is to help you learn, quickly! Watch it, then do it!

We hope these DIY DVDs make your life more rewarding because you've acquired new skills. If you have comments or want to tell us what you'd like to learn, let us know at info@eyelearner.com